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Verify emails in real-time

24/7 real-time verification for automatic instant cleaning

With Real-time cleanup you don’t have to worry about invalid emails entering your database. That means more of your emails end up in the inbox of your real subscribers.

Say goodbye to hard bounces and hello to higher email deliverability

Auto-remove, unsubscribe, or tag invalid contacts

Automatically delete or unsubscribe invalid email addresses so they aren’t clogging up your email list. Keep your inbox reputation stellar so your real subscribers will get your emails. Or you can tag them and use this data in automations, segmenting, and reporting.

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Free 7-day trial   Easy setup   Money-back guarantee

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

Free 7-day trial   Easy setup   Money-back guarantee

Recover misspelled email addresses automatically

Fix typos automatically

Popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, and Hotmail are frequently misspelled. mailfloss fixes these typos automatically that would have otherwise been lost. Nice!

Get up and running in 60 seconds

mailfloss works with your favourite email service providers

We support 35 of the most popular email service providers and we keep adding more.

One-time setup. Set it and forget it.

All it takes is a few button clicks and you only have to do it once. From then on mailfloss handles the rest.

No developers needed

But we have a real-time API, as well. Techies only.

Connect your ESP

Setup in 60 seconds. Then never worry about email verification ever again.