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mailfloss Features


Turn it on with one click, and it will do real-time cleaning and verify new subscribers, allowing you to prevent email bounces.

Decay Protection

Monthly or custom schedules – it automatically bulk cleans the entire list, thus preventing it from going stale and degrading.

Typo Fixer

Automatically fixes typos, resulting in not losing subscribers and hence increasing sales.


You can automatically unsubscribe, delete, or update custom fields.

Optionally, if, before taking action, you want to review results first, you can do that, too. You’ll be in complete control of how you want mailfloss to work with your integration.


Every day, it cleans the newly added contacts from the previous day.

Custom aggressiveness settings

You also get to choose how aggressively you want to clean your email list. Normal is usually recommended but you can choose aggressive or a custom option if you prefer.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically
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Custom frequency options

Decide how frequently you want to do email cleaning – it can be real-time, daily, and monthly as part of Instafloss, Autofloss, Decay Protection.

More advanced features

mailfloss has more advanced features as well.

It can automatically exclude specific categories for an auto-action, blacklist/whitelist options, use webhooks, and clean contacts with specific tags only.

With webhooks, you can send information to other apps quickly when an important event happens inside mailfloss.

Benefits of Integrating Infusionsoft With mailfloss

Why integrate mailfloss with Infusionsoft? Here are some of the biggest reasons.

Better email deliverability

Clean email lists result in higher deliverability rates.

Since mailfloss automatically verifies and corrects email addresses in Infusionsoft, your campaigns benefit from better inbox placement.

This ensures that your marketing messages reach your audience, maximizing the effectiveness of each campaign.

Better inbox reputation

With improved deliverability and cleaner lists, your email campaigns performed through Infusionsoft are more likely to be successful.

Higher open rates and click-through rates from well-maintained email lists lead to better engagement, driving up conversions and the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Time savings

Manually cleaning and maintaining an email list is incredibly time-consuming and can lead to errors.

mailfloss automates this process, saving you substantial amounts of time that can be better spent on more strategic tasks within your marketing efforts.

Cost savings

Infusionsoft charges based on the number of contacts in your lists.

Keeping your lists free of invalid emails with mailfloss can reduce the total number of contacts you’re charged for, thereby lowering your overall costs.

Additionally, by avoiding sending emails to bad addresses, you reduce wasted resources and increase your ROI.

Recovered revenue from lost subscribers

Thanks to the automatic typo fixer, which corrects common misspellings of popular email services, you don’t lose subscribers and increase sales.

Better engagement

By connecting these two platforms, you can use the strong capabilities of both services to optimize your email marketing strategy and maximize interaction with your audience.

Automated list hygiene

By integrating mailfloss with Infusionsoft, you automate the process of keeping your email lists clean.

mailfloss scans and removes invalid, or fake email addresses directly within your Infusionsoft lists. This means you maintain a healthier database, reducing bounce rates and improving overall deliverability.

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