We help busy businesses remove invalid email addresses before they become a problem

Our Values


An email verification tool isn’t very useful if it isn’t accurate. At mailfloss, we’re dedicated to accurate results every time. Our process involves over 20 checks and runs on a global infrastructure.


A good email verifier needs to be affordable and accessible to big and small businesses alike. Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry, and we work hard to keep them that way.


What really sets mailfloss apart is how automated everything is. Once everything is setup you can simply go about your normal business and let mailfloss clean and floss your emails while you sleep.

Martin - Founder, mailfloss

About Us

mailfloss was created to solve our own email deliverability problem. We needed an email verification solution that wasn’t a pain to use. Nothing was out there, so we decided to create it. With mailfloss, you’re up in 60 seconds and then you don’t have to think about email validation anymore… it just works.

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