The Best KickBox Alternative

mailfloss and KickBox are both great email verifiers, but they have some differences. Which one would you choose?

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Why mailfloss is the Best KickBox Alternative

Our native integrations can’t be beat. If you use a supported integration, here are some reasons why mailfloss is a great email verifier for your needs.

Works with multiple email service providers

At mailfloss, we support 35 leading email service providers to meet your business needs.

Provides the easiest setup

Get started right away without any help from developers.

Provides the most unique features

Use features like Instafloss, typo fixer, and auto-actions for better email management. Combined, this is a hands-off, real-time approach to email verification that Kickbox does not offer, preventing bounces before they occur.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

Lets you customize email cleaning preferences

Adjust the frequency/intensity of your email cleaning (normal, aggressive, or custom) to suit your business needs.

Removes invalid emails for you

Automatically get rid of fake email addresses to ensure your email reaches the right person.

Fixes email address typos and syncs with your ESP

We fix typos, misspelled email addresses and sync them with your ESP to stop data loss.

Allows you to manage invalid emails

You choose to delete, unsubscribe, tag invalid email addresses, or update custom fields of the emails.

Gives you in-depth reports and analytics

We offer easy-to-access insights: detailed graphics on the mailfloss app dashboard, summaries of flossing sessions, and reports.

No improvement in 30 days? Cancel and get a full refund

If you don’t see improvements in 30 days, you can easily cancel and get a refund.

mailfloss dashboard

mailfloss Features


Real-time cleaning and verification of new subscribers – only with mailfloss

Decay Protection

Custom scheduled or monthly automatic bulk cleaning of the entire list

Typo Fixer

Fix typos automatically, which can result in increased revenue and minimize lost subscribers


Almost all integrations can automatically unsubscribe, delete, or update custom fields of emails


Most integrations have daily cleaning of new subscribers from the previous day

Custom aggressiveness

Set up and choose how aggressively you want to clean your email

Custom frequency options

Customize how frequently (real-time, daily, and monthly as part of Instafloss, Autofloss, Decay Protection) you want to clean

Optional review

If you want to review results first, you can in-app and decide how you want mailfloss to work with your integration

More advanced features

Automatically exclude specific categories for an auto-action, blacklist/whitelist, and bulk clean individual lists, tags, and segments with some integrations

KickBox Features

Improved email deliverability

An advanced list of verification tools, plus a 95% deliverability guarantee

Custom cleaning

Easily remove fake and risky emails

Easy integration

Integrate it with your existing tools, or with your app using straightforward documentation

Instant email verification

Quickly validate emails at the point of entry to have data integrity

On-the-spot suggestions

Identify typos right away and increase conversion rates

User-friendly experience

Easy-to-navigate interface makes the email verification process straightforward for all

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Find the perfect fit for you, no oversized subscription boxes

Pay for what you use

No charges if KickBox can’t verify an email address

Pricing Comparison

Free trial

100 Verifications

Free account500 credits/month100 credits at Sign up
Starting price



Price per 100,000 email verifications



Lite plan/month
(10,000 credits)

Free Trial
Afterwards $25/month

Business plan/month
(25,000 credits)

Free Trial
Afterwards $57/month

Pro plan/ month
(125,000 credits)

Free Trial
Afterwards $200/month

Prepaid credit expirationNeverNever
Monthly credit expiration

Resets monthly

Resets annually

Subscription plans


Pay As You Go/Enterprise Package

Money-back guarantee

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