Integrate Autopilot Email Verification

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Autopilot is a visual marketing software for automating customer journeys.


Connect Autopilot with mailfloss for a match made in heaven! Once connected, mailfloss will automatically keep your Autopilot contacts validated.

How It Works

Connect Autopilot Once

With just a few button clicks, Autopilot will be connected and mailfloss will begin scanning and cleaning your email lists. Your Autopilot emails are now automatically validated and verified.

Sit Back and Watch mailfloss Work

Everyday, mailfloss will automatically clean your email lists to maximize email deliverability and reduce bounce rates. You don’t have to do anymore tedious manual list cleanup so you can focus on more important things, like running your business and increasing your marketing ROI.

Check Your Analytics... Or Not

Customize what gets automated, whether to delete or unsubscribe your contacts, add whitelists and blacklists, or check your analytics. It’s really up to you! The bottom line is the hard work is done for you. It’s totally hands off. No more remembering to upload your csv files and paying exorbitant fees.

Autopilot Options

You've got options with our Autopilot integration

We have a tightly coupled and powerful integration with Autopilot you won't find with other email verification services. With it, you've got many options at your disposal.

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Manually decide what to do with invalid emails. You can do this if you need to, then eventually turn on automatic mode when you're comfortable.

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Automatically unsubscribe invalid emails. This will prevent Autopilot from emailing these email addresses, increasing email deliverability and reputation.

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Automatically delete invalid emails from Autopilot. This keeps your email database clean and prevents emails being sent to invalid addresses.

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Report only

Only scan and report findings from mailfloss without actually modifying any Autopilot emails. This is good if you only want to see what mailfloss finds, without changing anything inside of Autopilot.

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Custom Fields

Update custom fields for invalid emails inside of Autopilot. Use these custom fields inside of Autopilot and deal with the invalid emails however you like.

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Start cleaning your Autopilot list in the next 60 seconds.

Connect Autopilot to mailfloss, set your preferences, and let mailfloss do the rest. You can be up and running in 60 seconds flat with no technical knowledge or developers. From that point on, your Autopilot emails stay validated and you can move on to more important things, like focusing on your business and email marketing campaigns.

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