The Best ZeroBounce Alternative

While both mailfloss and ZeroBounce are great email verifiers, they have some differences, so let’s explore which one’s a better option for you!

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Why mailfloss is The Best ZeroBounce Alternative

Our native integrations can’t be beat. If you use a supported integration, here are some reasons why mailfloss is a great email verifier for your needs.

Integrates with most of email service providers

You can easily integrate mailfloss with over 35 email service providers, meaning you can keep using your favorite platform.

Simple setup

No coding required! Get started with mailfloss right away, without needing developer help.

Unique features

With mailfloss you get access to powerful tools you won’t find anywhere else, like real-time verification, typo fixing, and automated actions for better email management.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

Allows customization of the email cleansing process

Choose the email cleaning intensity that works for you – normal, aggressive, or even choose a custom setting.

Say goodbye to bounces

You can automatically remove fake email addresses with mailfloss, ensuring your messages reach real people.

Fixes typos and syncs with your ESP

We identify and correct typos in email addresses, then sync them with your email service provider to prevent data loss, meaning you will end up with more revenue from your campaigns.

Manage invalid emails

Decide how to handle invalid emails: delete them, unsubscribe, tag them for later, or even update custom fields.

Access in-depth reports and analytics

We provide clear reports and easy-to-understand dashboards to track your progress. Get detailed summaries of cleaning sessions and insightful reports.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t see an improvement in your email marketing within 30 days, simply cancel and get a full refund.

mailfloss dashboard

mailfloss Features

Instafloss – Clean on the Go

Verify and clean new subscribers as they join your list, leading to more effective campaigns and higher revenues.

Decay Protection

Schedule custom or monthly automatic cleanings of your entire list to remove inactive addresses.

Typo Fixer

Fixes typos in email addresses, increasing revenue by recovering lost subscribers.


Automatically unsubscribe, delete, or update custom fields of emails in almost all integrations


Most integrations include daily cleaning of new subscribers added the previous day.

Custom aggressiveness settings

Choose the aggressiveness of the cleaning level that suits your needs.

Custom frequency options

Decide how often you want cleaning to occur (real-time, daily, or monthly through Instafloss, Autofloss, and Decay Protection).

Review before action (optional)

For more control, choose to manually review results before mailfloss takes action via auto-actions.

ZeroBounce Features

Email List Verification

Validate your email lists, identifying and removing invalid, catch-all, and spam trap addresses.

Form Verification

Check the validity of email addresses as you collect them.

Email List Cleaning

Fix common typos and syntax errors within your email list, ensuring better deliverability.

Mailbox Analyzer

Analyze the likelihood of an email address receiving and engaging with your emails.

API Integration

Integrate ZeroBounce with various marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

Custom Plans

Build your own monthly toolkit by selecting the tools you need and their amount.

Anti-Spam Trap Detection

Avoid spam traps, which are email addresses specifically designed to catch spammers.

Suppression Lists

Build and manage suppression lists to ensure you don’t accidentally email unsubscribed contacts or those who previously bounced.

Pricing Comparison

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Business plan/month
(25,000 credits)

Free Trial
Afterwards $57/month

Pro plan/ month
(125,000 credits)

Free Trial
Afterwards $200/month

Prepaid credit expiration



Monthly credit expirationResets monthlyNever
Subscription plans


Single plan

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