mailfloss is GDPR Compliant


GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a new set of regulations that dictate privacy and security standards for data collected from EU citizens. mailfloss adheres to the new regulations regarding how data is collected, processed and stored. We’re committed to protecting our customer’s data security and privacy.

mailfloss was designed from day 1 to not only be the best email verification tool on the market, but also to keep your data safe, protected, and secure.

Our commitments to security and privacy

mailfloss was built with strong security and privacy in mind from the very beginning. Protecting customer data is simply smart business. When this data is sent to us for email verification, our job is to keep it safe, confidential, and provide a invaluable service.

Since mailfloss services are used by customers all over the world, we aim to comply with the strictest controls set by our customers and their countries’ regulators. We have processes in place to defend against fraud, database injection attacks, DoS, spam, and so on.

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Our commitments to data processing

Any emails sent to mailfloss are sent over secure protocols. Whether it’s manual text, file upload, API, one of our integrations, or other, mailfloss ensures that the emails are always sent over the wire via secure, encrypted connections.

Data is processed on the east-coast of the United States, in the state of New York. We utilize cloud services Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services to host our applications and files, both well-known for having strong security practices.

Addressing GDPR protocols

Data Processing

We keep records of your last 5 bulk email verification data processing sessions. You’ll see these in the dashboard. After that, records are removed from our systems.

Data Restriction

Your data is never sold to third parties or used for other purposes outside of email verification. This is what we eat, sleep, and breathe.

Data Deletion

Your emails are deleted after a period of non-use automatically. This has been our policy from the beginning. Now, when you request your account to be deleted, we nuke everything.