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Automatically Remove Invalid Email Addresses Before They Become a Problem

Connect Campaigner with mailfloss and get the best no-code, set and forget email verifier for Campaigner there is. mailfloss automatically removes invalid email addresses in real-time so the emails you send get in front of more ideal customers

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Fake emails in your list hurt your business.

Unlock the power of your customer data to create personalized, 1:1 interactions that drive incremental revenue, engagement, and increase customer lifetime with Campaigner.

Before sending emails to your hard-earned list, make sure you keep the list clean for maximum benefits and ROI.

When you send emails to fake email addresses you get penalized. That means more of your emails end up in spam and less in the inbox of your real customers.

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mailfloss works for you and removes fake emails before they become a problem.

When you connect mailfloss to Campaigner, we scan for invalid email addresses and remove them in real-time, increasing your email deliverability and getting more of your emails into the priority inbox.

We even fix typos of popular email services automatically

Email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL frequently get misspelled. mailfloss fixes these email address typos and syncs them with Campaigner automatically, and in real-time. You don’t have to lift a finger.

mailfloss is the only Campaigner email verifier that has this ability, and this feature alone pays for the subscription itself many times over for many of our Campaigner users.

Free 7-day trial Easy setup Money-back guarantee

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

Get up and running in 3 easy steps…

Step 1

Connect Campaigner in only a few clicks. You only have to do this once.

Connect your ESP

Step 2

Set some options to your preference. You’re in complete control.

Set your preferences

Step 3

mailfloss works for you daily and automatically removes bad emails.

mailfloss does the rest

Connect Campaigner in a few clicks

Setup in 60 seconds

All it takes is a few button clicks and you only have to do it once. No developers, Zapier, or spreadsheets needed.

Prevent hard bounces in real-time

mailfloss is the only Campaigner email verifier that can prevent bounces in real-time.

Automatically delete, unsubscribe, or update custom fields

You have powerful options at your fingertips. And you’re in complete control of what you want mailfloss to do.

Our satisfaction guarantee

There’s no commitment and no contracts. If you don’t see an improvement in your email deliverability in the first 30 days cancel and we’ll refund your money.

Connect your ESP
Set your preferences

Set your frequency & cleaning preferences

Superfloss for real-time bounce protection

Real-time cleanup so you don’t have to worry about invalid emails entering your database. That means more of your emails end up in the inbox of your real subscribers.

Prevent your email lists from going stale

2.1% of emails go stale every month, due to things such as job turnover and address abandonment. Decay protection protects your list from decaying by finding these decayed email addresses every single month.

How hard do you want to floss?

Choose how hard you want to floss. We recommend Medium for the best cleaning, but you are in charge.

Choose what you want to do with the invalid ones

Fix typos automatically

Popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, and Hotmail are frequently misspelled. mailfloss fixes these typos automatically that would have otherwise been lost. Nice!


Automatically delete invalid email addresses so they aren’t clogging up your email list.


Automatically unsubscribe invalid email addresses so they won’t receive emails and hurt your reputation.

Auto-update custom fields

Automatically update custom fields of invalid email addresses. Use this data in automations, segmenting, and reporting.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

Here’s what happens when people start using mailfloss

mailfloss does the rest

Free 7-day trial   Easy setup   Money-back guarantee


Reporting, analytics, and other goodies

Review results first in manual mode

In our manual mode, results will display in the app for you to review. From there you can decide what to do with them such as tag, delete, unsubscribe, and fix them. You are in control.

Reports emailed to you

Receive a CSV with the results including status, category, suggestions, and more.

Detailed analytics and stats

View analytics for a breakdown of your results, with search, sort, and filtering options.

Connect to thousands of other apps

Connect mailfloss to the Zapier ecosystem to connect with thousands of other apps.

Get started in 60 seconds

Free 7-day trial   Easy setup   Money-back guarantee