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Why Choose Us?

We work with your favorite email service providers

At mailfloss, we support 35 of the most famous email service providers, and this number is growing to keep up with your business needs.

We provide an easy and smooth setup

With just a few clicks, you can get started. No need for developers or dealing with complex spreadsheets anymore.

We offer unique features

Discover Instafloss, our typo fixer, and auto-actions — unique tools that set mailfloss apart for real-time, hands-off management.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically

We enable you to set your preferences

Customize your email cleaning frequency and intensity (safe, medium, aggressive, or custom) to match your business’s unique needs.

We remove fake emails in real time

With mailfloss email verification, you can finds and remove invalid email addresses to enhance your email marketing efforts and ensure that your messages reach the right people.

We fix email address typos and sync them with your ESP

Leading email services, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL, often get misspelled. We fix these email address typos and sync them with your favorite ESP to prevent any data loss.

We allow you to manage invalid email addresses

Whether you decide to automatically delete, unsubscribe, or tag invalid email addresses, it’s all up to you. You can even update custom fields of these email addresses.

We provide detailed reporting and analytics

We provide detailed insights at your fingertips: detailed graphics in the mailfloss app dashboard, flossing session summaries, and customizable reports.

We offer a money-back guarantee

Zero commitments, zero contracts. If you don’t see any improvement in your email deliverability within 30 days, cancel and receive a full refund.

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See the Difference mailfloss Can Make in Your Email Campaigns!

How it Works?

Efficient email marketing is possible with mailfloss. Follow these steps to verify your emails with ease!

Connect your email service provider with mailfloss

After connecting mailfloss to your email service provider, automatic syncing of email lists will start.

Connect your ESP

Get your emails verified

Our email verifier automatically verifies email addresses in your lists using advanced algorithms and spots invalid, duplicate, and risky addresses.

Set your preferences

Receive detailed reports

Once email verification is complete, we will send you reports highlighting the results of the verification process.

mailfloss does the rest

How mailfloss Helps Different Industries


For enterprises, mailfloss optimizes email verification, ensuring cleanliness and accuracy for extensive email lists and improving email deliverability and engagement rates.


With mailfloss, agencies level up their email marketing campaigns. The result? Improved email deliverability, reduced bounce rates, satisfied clients and lasting relationships!


Publishers use mailfloss to make sure that subscriber lists are accurate and up-to-date, optimizing newsletter open rates, click-through rates, and overall reader engagement.


Developers can count on mailfloss for diverse solutions, from real-time API and batch verification endpoint to privacy deletion API, webhooks, and a JavaScript widget.


Email verification helps e-commerce businesses maintain clean customer lists, reducing cart abandonment rate and boosting sales with targeted email marketing campaigns.


No startup can survive without email verification. With mailfloss, startups can save time and resources by automating this tedious job, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Get started in just a minute and say goodbye to email verification issues!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use email verification?

Using email verification is a must for ensuring that your email list is accurate, maintaining a good sender reputation, improving email deliverability, and optimizing your email campaigns.

Does mailfloss email verification tool send emails to verify email addresses?

No. mailfloss’ email verification service doesn’t send emails to the email addresses being verified but uses other methods, such as our proprietary Deep Clean Engine for running tests, syntax validation, domain and mail server verification, and more.

How to tell if an email address is valid?

There are two ways to verify email validity. First, you can manually send an email to each address, which is time-consuming and potentially illegal depending on jurisdiction, or, use email verification to automate this process, guaranteeing an accurate email list and saving time for other important business activities.

How accurate are the email verification results?

We know how tricky it is to achieve perfect email verification. However, you can trust the reliability of our service, powered by our Deep Clean engine.

Try it for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, cancel and receive a full refund.

Can you verify any email?

At mailfloss, we use diverse methods to verify most email addresses accurately and efficiently. However, some addresses might be hard to verify, need extra steps, or may be impossible to verify due to factors beyond our control.

Can you detect Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL email addresses?

Yes, we can. Many email verification tools simply mark Yahoo and AOL addresses as accept-all because they are hard to verify, but we go the extra mile to ensure that your email list is properly checked, regardless of the email provider.

Is your email verification service free?

You can get 5 free checks daily using our free email verifier to get a taste of mailfloss results. If that’s not enough, consider our subscription plans with 7-day free trials or purchase prepaid credits to help you get the most out of our verification services. Subscription plans are for our best-in-class integrations only.

Which email service providers (ESP) does mailfloss support?

Currently, mailfloss is compatible with 35 of the leading email service providers If your favorite ESP isn’t on our list, you can buy credits to clean your email addresses. Just drag and drop your files or copy and paste your emails, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does your email verification tool keep my data?

We keep email addresses securely for enough time to download your results from the mailfloss dashboard. We prioritize data security and privacy with our retention policies, allowing you to safely export your results. When importing results from your ESP or uploaded files, we keep only email addresses, discarding other irrelevant data unless otherwise specified by you. Once we’re done, you can delete data permanently through the dashboard or API. You are in control of your data and we never use your data for other purposes aside from providing you accurate results.

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