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What our customers are saying

mailfloss is literally the only piece of software that I use every single month that I don't even have to think about and I love that, because it's totally set and forget it.

Jen Perdew
Jen Perdew CMO NAMS

This used to a very tedious and time consuming process that I did manually. With virtually no troubleshooting and very easy configuration, I have literally saved myself hours of work every single week.

Eugenia Brock
Eugenia Brock Email Marketing Specialist Tax Pro Marketer

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Start removing invalid emails automatically

Connect your email service provider and mailfloss automatically removes invalid email addresses so the emails you send get in front of more ideal customers.

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What our customers are saying

We were looking for an email validation service that could support enterprise level volume and tight integration with HubSpot, and frankly mailfloss was the only game in town.

Brandon Mcdonald
Brandon McDonald Director, Demand Generation Randstad USA

mailfloss is awesome. It's crazy accurate and super easy to use. You just set it and forget it. I'm a huge fan!

Danavir S, CopyMonk
Danavir Sarria Founder CopyMonk

I love mailfloss. I'm comfortable knowing that my email is being ... flossed... and I can send out to a clean list! Really, fantastic idea and I'm glad I found this service.

Marc S
Marc Sylvester Owner Laughingbird Software

mailfloss is literally the only piece of software that I use every single month that I don't even have to think about and I love that, because it's totally set and forget it.

I started using mailfloss on one of my lists and to my pleasant surprise open rates increased on average by 4%! The ease of use is awesome, just set it up and forget it!

Fred Owen
Fred Owen Owner Win with Fred

As soon as I started to floss my emails each day my domain and IP address reputation in Google Postmaster tools quickly started to climb back to high once again.

mailfloss is easy to use. They have great pricing options depending on how you plan to use the product. Overall great experience!

Dalton Kane
Dalton Kane Founder Saas Bootcamp

mailfloss is the secret weapon

Find out how NAMS got out of the doghouse with their email service provider and then got 99% deliverability with the help of mailfloss.

The only game in town for Randstad

Randstad was looking for an email verification service that could integrate tightly with HubSpot and could handle enterprise-level volume.