Email verification case study with NAMS

NAMS needed an email validation service that could get them out of hot water with Infusionsoft, their email service provider.

mailfloss is my secret weapon

mailfloss is literally the only piece of software that I use every single month that I don’t even have to think about and I love that, because it’s totally set and forget it. Run it through for a month because I can promise you that even after you do it the first time you are going to fall in love with the simplicity and feel so good about how squeaky-clean your list is gonna be moving forward.

Jen Perdew

Jen Perdew


About NAMS

NAMS is an education company focusing on teaching affiliate marketers to go from novice to advanced marketers. They love sharing tools with their community that make a make them money, make their life easier, and streamline their processes, and mailfloss hits all three of those points for them.

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$2.6 cost per lead

88% of revenue comes from their email list

99% Sender Score with mailfloss’ help

Over 1 million email sends per month

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NAMS needed an email verification service that could help them with their email marketing woahs. They received a nasty gram from Infusionsoft warning them that they had 7 days to clean up their act or they’d be banned. Since 88% of their revenue comes from their email marketing list, this was a big wakeup call for them. After running their email list through mailfloss, they were back in the good graces of Infusionsoft and even got their Sender Score up to 99%.

mailfloss integrations

No other email verification service is able to provide this type of convenience and integration with Infusionsoft. With a supported email service provider, mailfloss is simply the best email verification service for marketers and small and large businesses alike. Even if you have modest needs and don’t have a supported email service provider you can try our Zapier integration which will connect our data to Zapier’s ecosystem of 1000+ apps.

I got a big fat nasty gram that scared me to death and it essentially said you have 647 spam traps in your database and if you don’t rectify the problem within seven days we are no longer going to be able to send your emails. Since 88% of our revenue comes from email this was a panic inciting email for us to get in our business and I really had to figure out a way to dig in to clean our list up. I actually tried to clean up my list about 18 months ago and really worked on it on and off for about a year but got incredibly frustrated because I was manually cleaning my list and it is a lot of work. I thought I was doing a good job with list hygiene and keeping our list maintained but there are so many parts that I was missing because most CRMs or auto responders don’t give you all of the information you need to maintain a truly healthy, clean, viable mailing list. 

I needed a way to inspect every single prospect that we had on our list and I needed to be able to look at every new contact that was coming into our database automatically in real-time and so I did a ton of searching and I tried a couple of different services and was not super happy with them until I found mailfloss.

What’s happened since mailfloss is that we have fewer bad email addresses and we have increased marketable contacts in our database and now I spend less than one hour per week managing our database which is really important because before when I was trying to do this I was trying to do this manually I was spending so much time and really running myself in circles. It was completely overwhelming.

mailfloss helped me automate this entire process, get me off of Infusionsoft’s naughty list, get my Sender Score up to 99%, and save me money by fixing my leads. At a $2.6 cost per lead, it only takes me 20 leads fixed by mailfloss to cover my subscription. It’s an absolute no-brainer.

Jen Perdew – CMO

How It Works

Connect Your Email Service Provider

With just a few button clicks, your ESP will be connected and mailfloss will begin scanning and cleaning your email lists. We support MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Ontraport, ConvertKit, Aweber, and Active Campaign, with more on the way!

Sit Back and Watch mailfloss Work

Everyday, mailfloss will automatically clean your email lists to maximize email deliverability and reduce bounce rates. You don’t have to do anymore tedious manual list cleanup so you can focus on more important things, like running your business and increasing your marketing ROI.

Check Your Analytics… Or Not

Customize what gets automated, whether to delete or unsubscribe your contacts, add whitelists and blacklists, or check your analytics. It’s really up to you! The bottom line is the hard work is done for you. It’s totally hands off. No more remembering to upload your csv files and paying exorbitant fees.