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mailfloss Features

The Drip integration with mailfloss comes with the following features:


Cleans and verifies your email list right away. Thanks to Instafloss, you can minimize the bounce rate and increase the deliverability rate instead.

Decay Protection

Validates your email list in bulk, making it healthier and stronger. Choose the frequency for bulk email list cleaning, available monthly or custom schedules.

Typo Fixer

Working like magic, Typo Fixer corrects email address typos automatically. Turn it on with one click. It allows you to retain all email leads, reduce wasted ad spend on typos, and boost your overall revenue.


Auto-actions will let you automatically unsubscribe, delete, or update custom fields.


Autofloss will check and clean your new email addresses from the previous day so you have a healthier and verified email list.

Custom aggressiveness settings

With mailfloss, you can decide how intensively you want to clean your email list. You can choose normal, aggressive, or custom options.

mailfloss fixes typos automatically
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Custom frequency options

You can also choose how often you want to clean your email list. It can be real-time, daily, or monthly, as part of the Instafloss, Autofloss, and Decay Protection features.

More advanced features

Boost your contact list with the advanced features that mailfloss has. You can blacklist or whitelist addresses. Plus, you can customize filtering and clean specific lists in bulk. With webhooks, you can notify other apps about important things happening inside mailfloss in real-time.

Benefits of Integrating Drip with mailfloss

Your email deliverability rate will increase

Integrating Drip with mailfloss will help boost email deliverability and allow your emails to reach potential leads’ inboxes.

Your inbox reputation will improve

A clean and verified email list is a positive sign for email service providers. Using mailfloss will help you make your sender reputation even better.

You will save time

Thanks to mailfloss, you can get rid of many manual tasks and focus on other aspects of your business.

You will save your budget too

Drip charges users based on the number of email contacts.

Thanks to mailfloss, you can save money by removing invalid and inaccurate addresses, which cuts the number of contacts you are charged for.

You won’t lose any email leads

Every contact address is a potential customer. With Typo Fixer, you can correct misspelled email addresses, avoid losing leads, and boost your revenue.

Audience engagement will improve

By integrating Drip with mailfloss, you can reach and engage with your target audience and increase the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns.

You can enjoy automated email verification

mailfloss automatically scans and cleans your Drip email lists, eliminating invalid, outdated, or incorrect email addresses.

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