hubspot custom field properties from mailfloss

Updating custom fields for HubSpot email verification is here!

Our two biggest feature requests for HubSpot are live.

First up is the ability for mailfloss to update custom fields for invalid contacts.
You’ll see this as one of the options in manual mode here:

hubspot custom fields for manual email verification

Or, if manual mode is turned off, it will be one of the available options, seen here:

hubspot custom fields email verification

If you choose this option, what will happen is, every email mailfloss deems invalid will be updated with custom fields. You’ll see them in the HubSpot contact under property settings. They look like the following:

hubspot custom field properties from mailfloss

The properties are:
name: “mf_validation_passed”,
label: “mailfloss validation passed”,
description: “False, if the email failed mailfloss validation.”

name: “mf_reason”,
label: “mailfloss reason”,
description: “The reason mailfloss failed this email.”

name: “mf_mode”,
label: “mailfloss mode”,
description: “Safe, Aggressive, or Custom floss mode.”

name: “mf_flossed_on”,
label: “mailfloss flossed_on”,
description: “The date mailfloss validated this email.”

name: “mf_status”,
label: “mailfloss status”,
description: “The status of this email. It can be ‘undeliverable’, ‘risky’, or ‘unknown’.”

Now you can use this data to sync HubSpot with your other CRM systems by looking up the contact and looking for the mf_validation_passed property. Any marked false by mailfloss you can now update in your other CRMs. Note that mailfloss only updates a contact with custom fields if the contact failed mailfloss validation.

Next up, autofloss for individual lists is live as well. With it, you can now turn on/off whatever lists you want autoflossed. You can see it here:

hubspot autofloss for individual lists

We’ve only enabled these two features for HubSpot for now, so let us know how they go.