Zapier integration

Our Zapier integration is here!

Our Zapier integration has arrived. If you’d like to try it out please get in touch. It is currently in beta so you won’t find it in the Zapier directory just yet. You can use mailfloss as both a trigger app (send data from mailfloss to Zapier) or an action app (send data to mailfloss from Zapier). Below are instructions for both.


How to use mailfloss as a Trigger App

Make a Zap!

Click “Make a Zap!” to…well, make a zap.

Use mailfloss as a trigger

To use mailfloss as a trigger, search for mailfloss in the search bar and select mailfloss from the dropdown list.

Click Save + Continue

With “Flossing Completed” selected, click “Save + Continue”.

Connect an Account

zapier connect an account

If you haven’t done so, click “Connect an Account” to connect your mailfloss account to Zapier.

Go to Settings

Back in mailfloss, click “Settings”.

Click API

Click the “API” tab.

Copy the API key

Copy the API key. If you don’t have one yet, click the “Generate New API Key” button.

Back in Zapier

A popup should have appeared when you went to connect an account. Paste the API key into the input and click “Yes, Continue”.

Test the account

Click the “Test” button to test the connection between mailfloss and Zapier. Upon “Success!” click the “Save + Continue” button.

Fetch some data

Click the “Fetch & Continue” button to get some data. Make sure you have at least one recent floss completed.

Test Successful!

Upon a successful test, click “Continue”.

Choose where to send mailfloss data.

In this case, we’ve chosen Google Sheets upon a new row in a spreadsheet.

Fill in the columns

zapier fill in the columns

Click “Continue” once you’ve filled in the columns you want to populate with mailfloss data.

Finish up

Send some test data to Sheets if you wish and click “Finish”.

Name your zap

Name your zap and turn it on.



How to use mailfloss as an Action App

Use mailfloss as an action app

If you’re using mailfloss as an action app (send data from Zapier to mailfloss), your trigger app must send an email address. In this example we use Sheets. In the action search bar, search for mailfloss and select it from the dropdown selection.

Choose an action

Select “Save + Continue” with “Add Email” selected.

Choose your mailfloss account and test it if you wish. With your selected account click “Save + Continue”.

Map to Email

Map your trigger action email address to mailfloss and click “Continue”. Remember, the trigger app must supply an email address for this to work.

Send test data to mailfloss


Click “Sent Test To mailfloss”.

Finish up

Optionally send test data to mailfloss. Once complete, click “Finish”.


Name your zap.

Name your zap and turn it on.