Frequently Asked Questions

The most common email verification questions we get asked

Why email verification?

Because it helps with email deliverability, protects your domain reputation, helps your emails get into the inbox, and with mailfloss, also fixes typos that would have otherwise been lost.

Why use mailfloss?

Have you ever done email verification before? It sucks. mailfloss takes the suck out of it by completely automating the process. It’s set and forget.

How accurate are you?

We are really accurate thanks to our Deep Clean engine. We don’t post accuracy percentages because we don’t believe accuracy percentages are…well accurate. They are a marketing ploy that our competitors use without the data to back it up. We put our money where our mouths are. If you aren’t satisfied with our results simply ask for your money back within 30 days and we’ll oblige.

I’ve connected my ESP. What if I’m not sure if my settings are correct?

We have in-app tooltips that guide you as well as help documentation and videos. Look for labels in the app that say “recommended”. And if that isn’t enough you can simply contact us and we’d be happy to offer suggestions.

Do you send an email to the email address you are trying to verify?

Absolutely not. That would be very bad, break some laws, and annoy your subscribers. We use a number of other methods to determine if an email is valid.

Can you detect Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL email addresses?

Yes we can. Many email verifiers simply mark Yahoo and AOL addresses as accept-all because they are hard to verify, but mailfloss goes the extra mile with our Deep Clean engine and can verify these addresses with laser sharp accuracy.

Can I review the results before modifying them in my ESP?

Yes. You simply turn on Manual Mode and the results will display in the app for you to review. From there you can decide what to do with them such as tag, delete, unsubscribe, fix them, and more.

Do you remove duplicates?

Yes, we remove duplicates before we initiate flossing. Your results report that gets returned to you will also have the duplicates removed.

Do you keep my data?

We keep your data according to our retention policies so you can export your results. When we import results from your ESP we only take the email address and discard all other data. The same goes for any files uploaded to us – only the email address column data is kept and the rest is discarded. After we are done, you have the option of permanently deleting the data from our servers using the dashboard or via API

How can I upload my emails to you?

Our specialty is definitely our deep email service provider integrations, which do all of the hard work for you. Otherwise, you can copy & paste or upload a csv file to us. You can also connect your online address books to import, use Zapier, or any of our other plugins.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

You can visit our knowledge base or tweet us over on Twitter @mailfloss.