drip email verification options

Drip email verification options using mailfloss

If you’re using mailfloss for Drip email verification, you have five options at your disposal.

Before explaining the five options, make sure you have properly connected Drip to mailfloss. You only need to do this once and from then on mailfloss will be able to automatically perform email verifications for the connected Drip account.

Here’s a screenshot of the five options you have with Drip email validation:

Drip email verification options using mailfloss

The first option “Manually decide action on bad emails” will display emails deemed invalid so you can decide an action on them, like so:

drip manual email verification options

With manual mode set, you can later decide to delete, unsubscribe, ignore, or report the status as incorrect for all contacts mailfloss determined as invalid.

The second option “Unsubscribe bad emails” will unsubscribe the contact from Drip. This action is irreversible. You’ll see the contact in Drip in the “Unsubscribed” list.

The third option “Delete bad emails” is also irreversible. Once deleted, the contact is gone for good and you won’t find it inside of Drip anymore.

The fourth option is a little more advanced and intended for advanced users. It will update custom fields inside of Drip, which you can use to sync with your other databases and CRMs.

Drip custom fields attributes from mailfloss

The final option is “do nothing”. Basically, all this option does is send you an email report of the latest floss session, but doesn’t actually change anything inside of Drip or mailfloss. This is most like boring, traditional email validation services, but is useful if you just want a report of the email verification statuses determined by mailfloss for the connected Drip account and nothing more.