convertkit + mailfloss

How To Clean Email Lists With ConvertKit

Getting started with cleaning your email lists with ConvertKit is easy with mailfloss. Once ConvertKit is connected, you can let mailfloss automatically clean your email lists with ConvertKit going forward. Here’s how to do that.



connect ConvertKit to mailfloss


Step 1. Visit the integrations page

Visit the integrations page by clicking on “Integrations” in the left sidebar.


pasted image 0 46



Step 2. Select ConvertKit from the integrations tabs


pasted image 0 45



Step 3. Click the Connect button

You will need to login to ConvertKit for the next step.


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Step 4. In ConvertKit, select Account from the menu bar and choose Account Info

Copy the API Key and Secret.


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Step 5. Back in mailfloss, paste the API Key and Secret from the previous step into the corresponding inputs

Click the Submit button when done.


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