uncheck autofloss

How to disable mailfloss activities

In this support article, we show you how to disable receiving emails from mailfloss when a flossing session is complete, as well as show you how to turn off daily flossing (daily email database validation), and how to disconnect an email service provider. We’ll start with disabling emails.

After flossing is complete, an email is sent with information on the validation process along with a csv report for your records. If you don’t want to receive these emails, simply go to Settings.

Disable emails – step 1

Go to Settings.

Disable emails – step 2

Uncheck “Receive emails after flossing complete”.

Disable emails – step 3

Click Save.



If autofloss is enabled, mailfloss will clean up your email database daily. If this is not desired, you can disable it.

Disable autofloss – step 1

Go to Integrations.

Disable autofloss – step 2

Choose your email service provider and uncheck the “Autofloss (recommended)” option.


If you want to disconnect your email service provider from mailfloss, choose your email service provider and click the red “Disconnect” button.