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Are you looking for an Email Marker alternative? Choosing the best email verification service for you and your business is easier than you think.

Take a look at what we offer, and the choice is obvious when you compare Email Marker to mailfloss.

Have a look at this handy comparison between mailfloss and Email Marker. You’ll see that mailfloss is not only affordable, accurate, fast, and easy-to-use, but also completely automated, always working for you, and extremely powerful.

Email Marker vs mailfloss for email verification

side by side comparison


Email Marker

Price per 10000 email verifications



60 second one-time setup

Automatic daily verification

One-click manual cleanup

Automatic unsubscribe

Automatic delete

Automatic tagging

Decay protection


maifloss works for you and removes fake emails before they become a problem.

When you connect mailfloss to your favourite email service provider, we scan for invalid email addresses and remove them every single day, increasing your email deliverability and getting more of your emails into the priority inbox.

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What our customers are saying

mailfloss is literally the only piece of software that I use every single month that I don't even have to think about and I love that, because it's totally set and forget it.

Jen Perdew
Jen Perdew CMO NAMS

This used to a very tedious and time consuming process that I did manually. With virtually no troubleshooting and very easy configuration, I have literally saved myself hours of work every single week.

Eugenia Brock
Eugenia Brock Email Marketing Specialist Tax Pro Marketer