Infusionsoft tagged contact

Updating tags for Infusionsoft email verification is here!

Our biggest feature request to our Infusionsoft integration is live. For invalid email addresses, mailfloss can now update contacts with tags inside of Infusionsoft.

You’ll see this as one of the options in manual mode here:

infusionsoft update tags email verification - manual

Or, if manual mode is turned off, it will be one of the available options, seen here:

infusionsoft update tags email verification

If you choose this option, what will happen is, every email mailfloss deems invalid will be updated with tags inside Infusionsoft. You’ll see them in the Infusionsoft contact under the Tag tab. It looks like the following:

Infusionsoft tagged contact

The tags start with “mf_failed – ” followed by the reason they failed based off of the category definitions.

Now you can use this data in your campaign builder inside Infusionsoft by looking for the mf_failed tags.

Infusionsoft mailfloss email verification tags

Note that mailfloss only updates a contact with tags if the contact failed mailfloss validation.