Mautic + mailfloss

How To Clean Email Lists With Mautic

Getting started cleaning your email lists with Mautic is easy with mailfloss. Once Mautic is connected, you can let mailfloss automatically clean your email lists with Mautic going forward. Here’s how to do that.





Step 1. Visit the integrations page

Visit the integrations page by clicking on “Integrations” in the left sidebar.




Step 2. Click the Add Integration button




Step 3. Click the Mautic image

You will need to login to Mautic for the next step.

click Mautic


Step 4. In Mautic, click the top right gear and select Configuration from the menu

4. click Configuration

Step 5. Click API Settings

5. click API Settings

Step 6. Ensure API enabled is set to Yes. If it isn’t, enable it and save.

6. ensure API enabled

Step 7. Click the top right gear and select API Credentials from the menu

7. click API Credentials

Step 8. Select OAuth 2 from the dropdown

8. select OAuth 2

Step 9. Click the +New button

9. click New

Step 10. Give the credentials a name, set the Redirect URI to and click Apply

10. set name and redirect URI

Step 11. Back in mailfloss, paste the Client ID, Client Secret, and the Mautic base URL and click the Connect button

The base URL is the base of the URL found in the browser URL bar (, for example). You will be taken back to Mautic for the next step.

11. paste client ID, Secret, and base URL and click Connect

11. base URL for Mautic

Step 12. Login to Mautic, if required

12. login, if required

Step 13. click Accept to finish the connection

13. click Accept